Alison Marie Johnston

In the end, keep an agile open mind, only use 3 colors, and let the work speak for itself. If a creation requires explanation, you've already failed.

Alison M Johnston


My name is Alison. My pen name is (a.m.j). I have published a few poems. I don’t quite feel that I have earned my stripes as a writer yet. All works of literature are available in the University of Colorado of Boulder library, as well as the book shelf of my mother’s house.


I love to tell stories, in which ever medium fits the story, be it a book or a tweet.

As a blonde, [insert something witty here].

Get at me | johnsali19 [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any questions/ comments/ concerns/ d. all of the above.


Alison M Johnston

p.s. I am also half Australian, but I’ll let you decide which half.

Past clients include:

Advice to my future self: “Enough with the dad jokes. ”